Futura20: DecisionELLES Symposium
Women Leaders for the Future

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The Futura20 seeks to gather 60 Anglophone and Francophone women leaders and influencers from law, medicine, the arts, business, science and technology and civil society for two bilingual, immersive, experiential workshops to:

  • Explore the challenges and opportunities facing Canada in the 21st century,
  • Leverage their networks and influence to design creative approaches and solutions, and
  • Arrive at concrete initiatives for the next decade to ensure women’s voices and expectations are heard and implemented.


2020, a year of challenge and reflection, launches a new decade and, with it, the opportunity for fresh and courageous conversations as we look to the future. Our experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest public health crisis in a century, heightened our need to reflect and consider new approaches on how our country addresses key issues including but not limited to: equality of women; reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples; economic inequality; bilingualism, biculturalism and multiculturalism; regionalism; and a sustainable environment. Though great progress has been made since we became Persons in 1928 and we recognize and honour the tremendous work of our trailblazers, women continue to be underrepresented at the executive level of all societal segments, including the political, and their voices little or unheard.


Anglophone and Francophone women leaders with a proven track record of innovation from two fiercely independent jurisdictions, Alberta and Quebec, will meet to focus on what unites rather than divides us. Included will be women leaders of national organizations to share their vision and perspectives. The facilitated inaugural virtual session will be held on August 18. After participants have returned to their workplaces, communities and circles of influence for information sharing, gathering, and reflection, a second session will be held, when participants will share and prioritize initiatives, identify partners and outline concrete strategies. The planning committee, informed by the participants, will decide where and when the second session will be held.


A planning committee is curating the list of invited participants, designing the agenda for the sessions and sourcing national partners and the required financing. We are sourcing online expertise to host and assist in workshop design, systems and values mapping and recording of recommendations.

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2020 Symposium Report